N.B.K.R. IST(Autonomous)



Affiliated to JNTUA,Ananthapuramu, NAAC Accreditation with 'A' Grade, Accredited by NBA,"A"Grade Engineering College Recognized by AP Govt


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Solid Waste Management

  • In our campus solid wastes are segregated at collection stage by using different types of bins for recyclable and decomposable waste.

  • These bins are clearly labeled for glass, paper, plastic, cans and for organic waste and are placed at each corner of the entire campus.

  • Waste from dustbins are collected regularly at in morning and evening every day.

  • Recyclables wastes are handed over to professional contractors.

  • Biodegradable waste is composted and used as manure for horticulture.

  • Chemical and hazardous waste from laboratories are collected in separate baskets and disposed as per MSDS.

  • Liquid Waste Management

  • The grey water generated in hostels, academic buildings, canteen, common places, wash water from kitchen, and bathroom etc. are directly used for gardening purpose.

  • The waste water generated in toilet is segregated and let out through drainage facility to septic tank.

  • Liquid wastes generated in laboratories are stored in separate cans and are disposed as per MSDS norms.

  • All the runoff water is channelized to soaking pits which are constructed at different places on the campus to facilitate the ground water recharge.

  • E-Waste Management

  • Separate bins are provided in each building on the campus for e- waste collection.

  • Ensured the faculty, students, and other staff of the Institute to dispose at collection points.

  • The collected material is disposed for recycling through authorized vendors.

  • We adopted different procedure for the disposal of old operational equipments such as sale by public auction, distributing to poor students.

  • The non operational equipments are disposed for recycling to certified vendors.